We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend with a quick trip out to the prairies


to connect with a multitude of Skelton offspring. Grandad's Great Grandbabies

Cousins eating

Here are four generations of Skelton men…

P1180956Micah and Monorea and us

The progenitor of them all came along with us!  What a treat, to see the towns along the way through his eyes, including the church where he was married some 60 years ago!


The weather was idyllic for travel and the mountains are festive with their gold trimmings.  P1180996

Larch trees are new to us.  They are  deciduous conifers, meaning they resemble a standard evergreen with needles and cones, but they turn yellow and lose all their needles in the fall.  In the process whole monochromatic mountainsides are dramatically transformed.


And of course the other deciduous trees do their part,
bringing glory to even this pine-beetle ravaged swath of mountainside.


For fall color and for family I am grateful, and not to be taken for granted is safe travel.  We made a short detour to take in beautiful Lake Louise


and were reminded of our visit here last November. This was our final sight-seeing stop before the crash  that jolted us into some very big life changes.  It is as though Lake Louise bookmarks in my mind the end of a chapter in our lives. P1180976

So much has changed for us in a year’s time.


And though we don’t know what this next chapter will bring, we are thankful for all the way the Lord has led and kept us, and for the family he has blessed us with!



Give thanks to the LORD, call upon His Name, make known HIs deeds among the peoples…Sing praises to the LORD, for he has done gloriously; let this be made known in all the earth. Is.12:4,5

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