Seeing beyond the Fog…

The season for fog is upon us. Dense, cold, wet, unshakable FOG.
It can put a damper on your very soul, unless somehow you can rise above it.
Jim invited me for an outing today, to go see if our little Scout Mountain was above it all.
I’m so glad I went. It saved my afternoon from sinking into an abyss of gloomy reflections.
Here’s what we found!

All this fabulous footage is by Jim.
He took it in with his new camera, Louie with his nose, and I with my pen…
Once again we are given this living parable, that despite the fog that dims our view some days, God is still on the throne, His sun still shining. Though we may not see Him or feel Him near He is there, just beyond the fog…

“Your throne, O God, is forever and ever.
Psalm 45:6