Sweet Summer Sun-Day [amplified*]

I cycled with ‘the boys’ today and pulled my weight on the tandem with Jim as we flew down the hills and fought up the rises.  (We hit 48MPH–exhilirating!)

We opted for the abbreviated ride (28miles) and a dip in Eagle River where the water flows cool over great slabs of rock before falling to continue down the canyon–refreshing!

Rejoining the guys on their return we finished well, rejoicing to be strong together.

MacDonald’s provided our lunchette of Iced Tea and burgers–the tea especially welcome rehydration on a day growing rapidly hot.

Then we headed down to the sailboat waiting at the wharf for a chance to celebrate the sunshine and try out its newly barnacle/slim/seaweed-free keel.  (Thanks to Jim’s diving work earlier in the week).  We gained a knot of speed for the hard work of cleaning!  Our jaunt took us out to get an up-close look at "The Hulks"–a row of WWII vintage freighters made of concrete and rebar, an experiment gone amuck but great for floating breakwaters for the Mill.  We didn’t have our camera along but the scoop is here at: http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://www.concreteships.org/ships/powellriver/quartz_perlata.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.concreteships.org/ 

and I’ve borrowed their picture ( :

It’s 7/11 at 7-Eleven so Slurpees are free–the little ones. We were ready for a Jumbo and happily shared a grapefruit-MountainDew-grape combo.  What could be better on a gloriously hot day?!

A cat nap following our return home was just the thing, being Sunday and all, followed by a roast chicken and watermelon picnic with the girls.

Then a cozy read from a new poetry book as the day cooled set me dreaming in free verse of this sweet summer Sun-day, which I have now shared with you ( ; 

*This has been the long version.  The read-between-the-lines version is at my alternate blog: www.dawnskelton.blogspot.com

Trust you are finding sweetness in the heat and glory of your summer days too.