May-be summer’s coming

While watching for signs of spring I’ve potted herbs on my windowsill…

I snipped a sprig of budding larch to put at the sink for an ever present reminder that spring is upon us.

A bright host of Playmobil people came to visit from a Banff Rummage Sale…

And the moment that flowers appeared at the Garden Center, I bought them! –though they had to hunker down inside for days and weeks while nighttime temps continued to dip to nearly freezing and daytime temps resembled late fall more than late spring!

Mother’s Day intervened, and painting helped

And I discovered that ‘living lettuce’ from the grocery store can be eaten and then the rootball planted!  And voila two weeks later–more lettuce to eat!  My own literal kitchen garden!

And just this weekend the weather began to turn and I had a happy ramble up Tunnel Mountain in Banff for further proof that summer may be coming.

The timing couldn’t have been better.  As I started up the trail a small group of people were huddled looking into the  trees.

There we spied a mother elk having just given birth to a wobbly-legged little one.  He was just getting to his feet as I headed by. An hour later when I returned down the mountain he was toddling about in a little sunlit space on the side of the mountain, getting a feel for his legs!  Too precious!

The mountain-top was lovely. Flowers underway. Even a belated Prairie Crocus ( :

I am breathing easier now. Spring has hatched.

The Cascade Gardens are still mostly rock and fountain, but one of these days there will be flowers as if they had never disappeared…

And my own flowers have now spent their first night camping out alone and have lived to tell the story…

———And that has been our month of May!

I will leave you with our latest rendition of Granola Bars.  Around here we’ve been scaling back on ultra sweets like the regular batches of Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies that used to be a staple. We are experimenting with getting happy energy instead from homemade granola bars, which have been surprisingly easy to concoct!

The hardest part will be deciphering my writing ) :

All for now!

May you overflow with hope as summer’s sun comes back to brighten your world and the Son of Righteousness reveals Himself in your days…


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