Rottweiler Tales–the sequel

It has been almost 5 weeks since the dog attack and life is returning to a new sort of normal, one not quite so at ease when I’m out and about, but HURRAH! I am able to walk, cycle, and hike trails again and gradually peace of mind is returning as well. Thank-you for your prayers!

I’ve learned a lot about myself, about what it feels like to be a ‘victim’ and how easy it is to stay there becoming more and more self-centered… I have had to tangle with irrational fear and learn to speak “Peace” to my own mind despite the flow of adrenalin triggered by every little thing…And on the fun side, I have learned that I love to watercolor! and to use sign language to accompany worship songs…

This has been quite a learning process and has given me a new empathy for people who have faced really great trauma. I can appreciate now in a tiny way how very difficult it must be to return to ‘normal’ afterward.

I wouldn’t have asked for this experience and yet God has used it for good in my life. I am not the same person I was 6 weeks ago. You have been part of my story. Thank-you. One of the big perks of a crisis is realizing you are loved and cared for, by God and His people.


Rottweiler Remarks and Calf Comments

Due to the gracious negotiating skills of our local Animal Control officer, the rottie was put down. We received the welcome news this a.m. as we were finishing breakfast. And we are very grateful! Initially the owner had tried to deny culpability and asserted that she was unaware of the situtation and had been away with the dog that afternoon. So this was a very great turnaround and we give credit to God for this satisfactory resolution. We sympathize with the owner in her loss but know that this was the best solution. The dog weighed in at 180 lbs! and was a giant she could not control. He suffered from hip dysplasia so this was a mercy to him as well.

The calf is still reeling with the wounds and deep bruising. It likes best being elevated and immobile. A walker assists the old lady attached to the calf to limp about when essential. Meals and dishes are no longer essential duties! Going to the powder room is the primary essential. Gardening unfortunately is out of the question. But God is good and He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or even imagine. He is a merciful and gracious shepherd to calves and their owners! –LS

Rocks, Roots, and a Rottweiler

Sometimes life goes on so predictably you don’t know what there could possibly be to blog about. Then there are days like today. Just a few hours back I was complaining to myself about exercise taking so much time and robbing me of my afternoon free time… And now, I shall have my hasty wish. I’ve got my feet up for the next while, doctor’s orders, no hikes or bike rides in view!

I decided on a trail ride for this afternoon’s aerobic exercise. I managed all the rocks and roots OK but then I got to the park and a Rottweiler thought I looked like a threat (or maybe a treat?!) He came charging.

I attempted to scramble off to the far side of my bike but was not quick enough. He lunged for my retreating leg. Got a good strong grip on my calf and gave it a hearty jerk. He is a bear of a dog, a neighborhood terror with many complaints on his record…. I had this slow motion sense of disbelief that this was happening to me. Have you ever been there? Then your stunned brain goes for panic, what’s next? Am I a goner? Well these thoughts scarcely had time to form, let alone devise a response when the terror released his grip and ambled off. It was one of those unreal moments. Then I looked down…and saw the ripped open pant leg and the blood. It was real.

The owner (familiar from previous unpleasant encounters) rushed up and commenced to make excuses for the dog and say she was sorry and was I hurt?…She glimpsed blood and wanted to see the damage. I didn’t. I headed off in slight hysteria with a significant dose of adrenalin, to hammer on a friend’s doorbell in anxious desperation. I was neither calm nor controlled about it. I wanted help and in a hurry. Sobbing, hyperventilating, panicked I told her to phone Jim and the police….and poor Jim, he came not knowing what he was going to face. But he acted the part of the hero and got me to the hospital in short order.

I have rarely felt so emotionally overloaded! W
hat a treasure to be ushered into the emergency room by a familiar face; a friend from church was the nurse on duty. A warm blanket, a drink of water, a muffin and slice of cheese and Jim’s reassuring hand made bearable the rest of the procedure: lots of needles (for freezing), a tetanus shot, some hardy scrubbing and syringing, and 8 stitches to hold together various deep puncture wounds… oh and photos by a gracious and non-imposing policeman. The doctor meanwhile was a gentle gem with a charming South African accent. The trauma began to fade away….By the time I was released to hobble home I was beginning to feel like a hero with a story to tell and an opportunity to be pampered (oh brother). Of course now that the freezing is wearing thin I’ve had to go for the Ibuprofen. The kids are all sympathy and insist I keep my leg up. I’m not protesting and that is how this blog has come to be!


[Yeah! for zip-off pants… home again, home again from the Emergency. This was taken before the ‘freezing’ ran out…]