Rocks, Roots, and a Rottweiler

Sometimes life goes on so predictably you don’t know what there could possibly be to blog about. Then there are days like today. Just a few hours back I was complaining to myself about exercise taking so much time and robbing me of my afternoon free time… And now, I shall have my hasty wish. I’ve got my feet up for the next while, doctor’s orders, no hikes or bike rides in view!

I decided on a trail ride for this afternoon’s aerobic exercise. I managed all the rocks and roots OK but then I got to the park and a Rottweiler thought I looked like a threat (or maybe a treat?!) He came charging.

I attempted to scramble off to the far side of my bike but was not quick enough. He lunged for my retreating leg. Got a good strong grip on my calf and gave it a hearty jerk. He is a bear of a dog, a neighborhood terror with many complaints on his record…. I had this slow motion sense of disbelief that this was happening to me. Have you ever been there? Then your stunned brain goes for panic, what’s next? Am I a goner? Well these thoughts scarcely had time to form, let alone devise a response when the terror released his grip and ambled off. It was one of those unreal moments. Then I looked down…and saw the ripped open pant leg and the blood. It was real.

The owner (familiar from previous unpleasant encounters) rushed up and commenced to make excuses for the dog and say she was sorry and was I hurt?…She glimpsed blood and wanted to see the damage. I didn’t. I headed off in slight hysteria with a significant dose of adrenalin, to hammer on a friend’s doorbell in anxious desperation. I was neither calm nor controlled about it. I wanted help and in a hurry. Sobbing, hyperventilating, panicked I told her to phone Jim and the police….and poor Jim, he came not knowing what he was going to face. But he acted the part of the hero and got me to the hospital in short order.

I have rarely felt so emotionally overloaded! W
hat a treasure to be ushered into the emergency room by a familiar face; a friend from church was the nurse on duty. A warm blanket, a drink of water, a muffin and slice of cheese and Jim’s reassuring hand made bearable the rest of the procedure: lots of needles (for freezing), a tetanus shot, some hardy scrubbing and syringing, and 8 stitches to hold together various deep puncture wounds… oh and photos by a gracious and non-imposing policeman. The doctor meanwhile was a gentle gem with a charming South African accent. The trauma began to fade away….By the time I was released to hobble home I was beginning to feel like a hero with a story to tell and an opportunity to be pampered (oh brother). Of course now that the freezing is wearing thin I’ve had to go for the Ibuprofen. The kids are all sympathy and insist I keep my leg up. I’m not protesting and that is how this blog has come to be!


[Yeah! for zip-off pants… home again, home again from the Emergency. This was taken before the ‘freezing’ ran out…]


3 thoughts on “Rocks, Roots, and a Rottweiler

  1. Oh, my goodness, Lindy! I can’t believe it. This dog needs some serious intervention of one kind or another….seriously….

    It looks like he got both sides of your calf…I’ve never liked Rotweillers in the first place but this just reaffirms it. We had friends in Three Hills that had one that was the mellowest nicest dog, didn’t seem to have an aggressive bone in his body and I had actually become pretty comfortable with him…but they just seem so darn unpredictable!

    Is it pretty painful? What day did it happen?

    I’m just coming back from an attack of poison ivy, and succumbed to getting some drugs at the Drs. office to help me over the hump…It’s drying up now but still itchy…but I think I’d take that over a dog attack!

  2. Dear Linda,

    I’m so sorry that you had to experience such trauma. That is one experience you could have lived without! My sister was attacked similarly when she was a kid by our neighbor’s German Shepherd. The neighbors put him down that same afternoon while she got her stitches. That’s the responsible thing to do, because once they attack a human it’s only just the beginning. Let’s pray the Rot’s owners come to that decision on their own accord. What are the laws in BC/Powell River?

    Our Lord’s grace shines through your beautiful spirit as you recognized his care for you through comforting friends, medical personnel on duty the hour you arrived and your loving and doting family attending to your every need. What a family experience!

    Wish I could come over to “dote” on you a little as well, make you a meal or at very least pour us a wonderful cup of tea for nice long visit. May His comfort be yours and give you sweet rest and sleep and replace those horrific moments with His powerful presence and peace. I’m so glad you are in His loving care.

    Praying healing prayers for you,


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