‘Tis the season…

This year we honed our graham cracker house skills with a competition between all the Skeltons present…

The For-Sale sign out front means this may be our last Christmas in this cozy home:

P1160853 by Jim

Rachel surprised herself with this sweet home:


Sarah’s featured a jolly snowman:


And Bethany went for the most original—a hogan style home:


Meanwhile I acted as general superintendent and supplier of icing. We never did declare a winner?  What would you say?
I didn’t know either.  They were each unique, just like their creators!

After the hub-bub was done, the next quiet evening when the girls were gone home, I used up the extra icing and made a wee house—it’s time to downsize.




The advent season has come…

With the coming of the advent season our first snow has fallen.

Even an inch of snow makes the world a brighter place…


…transfiguring the common fern and salal… and making neighborhood houses look somehow more cozy.


It’s time once again to pull out Christmas things and think of gifts and greetings to be sent…


Meanwhile our willow marks the season with her fast falling leaves


And the backyard is all frosted wonder…



It’s the light shining through that makes it all so glorious isn’t it?



“…the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light,
and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death,
on them a light has dawned.” (Mt.4:16)