‘Tis the season…

This year we honed our graham cracker house skills with a competition between all the Skeltons present…

The For-Sale sign out front means this may be our last Christmas in this cozy home:

P1160853 by Jim

Rachel surprised herself with this sweet home:


Sarah’s featured a jolly snowman:


And Bethany went for the most original—a hogan style home:


Meanwhile I acted as general superintendent and supplier of icing. We never did declare a winner?  What would you say?
I didn’t know either.  They were each unique, just like their creators!

After the hub-bub was done, the next quiet evening when the girls were gone home, I used up the extra icing and made a wee house—it’s time to downsize.




Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there lived a brave ginger teddy and his sweet little wife in a clearing in a meadow in a wild, wild wood…


They were as jolly as a couple of ginger bits could be…unaware of the fate that they tempted living all alone in such a place, far from the crowded tin of kin in yonder peopled place…

One bright day they had a quizzical visitor with a dark and beady eye…


crow gingerbread
He asked no questions, and he told no lies… merely offered to teach Mr. Ginger to fly…

And one only dare guess what came of that!

The constable was called but when he arrived he had such a gall he dared question the story the brave lady told..


And defenseless she stood awaiting her fate…


…till the dark beady-eyed fellow returned to escort her to join her mate…


And that gray-suited gentleman surveying the scene only had eyes for the vacated home that soon would be his. What a GULL!

He bided his time while darkness descended on the lone little cottage in the wild wild wood…


…and none but the moon saw the devilry done to the lone ginger cottage as vacant it stood…


But when morning had dawned no ginger house stood in the bright little meadow in the wild, wild wood.



HAPPY NEW YEAR from our big blue house in a soggy little clearing in a wild, wild wood!
May the sweet remains of the season not cling to your hips.  That’s what birds are for!