Borrowed Beauty

While I wait for the snowdrops to push their way up and bring their beauty to my world,


I’m enjoying nature as seen through an artist’s eyes, one of my very favorites…




Something in nature inspires creativity, so I had to sit down with my own quail egg and try my hand at recreating one…


Now that was fun!

And there are more in the fridge where that one came from, thanks to my desert-loving daughter with her own little apartment-dwelling covey of quail…

P1090664 Always a sunny-side up to be had, even on a rainy day!



It’s Raining…


And I certainly couldn’t imagine anything photo worthy today…

But I donned my gumboots and tromped out for a look… gradually calming to the cadence of a gentle rain as I stood and watched raindrops form…

P1090581P1090588house in a drop

on the year’s new buds,

P1090585buds swell

and catkins…


And is it my imagination, or do these branches not look rather festive?


The orange peel fungus caught my eye, apparently undaunted by the rain, if not altogether edible!


The ivy is in its element too, quietly taking over our little piece of woodland, one silent creeping tendril at a time


And then I circled round to our winter ‘pond’, the end result of all this rain.

P1090609Is there any beauty here?


I didn’t think so but… as I stood in the rain watching the raindrops endlessly forming perfect concentric circles, with just the softest little pitter…I saw a certain beauty even in our big winter ‘puddle’.


P1090619DripSplish-splashes…P1090621bubbleand Bubbles!

A quiet rainy morning has a beauty all its own…


Even the firs are decked out in a hundred crystal baubles!


“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” Eccl.3:11

Come walk with me?


Winter’s here and the poplar woods are bleak and bare…
It’s a bit of a chore without even the dog for company, but I have in my mind’s eye a destination:


The Strait is really rather lovely, any time of year!


With front-row seating besides!


For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, 
as the waters cover the sea. Hab.2:14