April Surprise!

The snow had all gone returning the earth to its drab dead skins awaiting another season of warmth to liven it up. Cautious wisps of green were springing up on protected berms and in those spots where they will soon be unwelcome. And I actually spied a lone daffodil against the warm wall of the old Anglican church in town. Then came yesterday.

The world was obscured in a falling blanket of white.  Despite our having removed our snow tires and stowed our skis away it fell as though expected.  The good news was that it refused to stick.  The warmed damp earth refused to let it rest. There were just great puddles–and a flurry of larger and larger flakes in protest.  And so we went to bed, the landscape still dreary brown but the mountains freshly powdered.

We woke to this:

Now I am well aware that likely noone, including myself, is really hankering for more snow pictures!  I’d rather look at daffodils, crocuses, forsythia blooms or whatever is springing up where you are.  But since this is what I have to take pictures of here, this is what you get!

I had to chuckle at this sign so appropriately obscured.  It is announcing the street sweeping that is to commence this week.  But first for the snowplows!

Despite my preference for green and flowery at this time of year, I had a lovely quiet walk through the fresh powder.

And I was glad I had not yet packed away my snow boots or wool sweaters!



























Wherever you are, I hope these photos will incite you to look more closely at the beauty of spring around you, and maybe even to share a glimpse?!


Please don’t feel too sorry for me, by day’s end as I’m posting this, all this snow has largely vanished back to brown earth and we are feeling fortunate, as the word around town today is that Banff (just down the road) got a whole foot of snow!

Walking on Water at Lake Minnewanka

Little by little snow ebbs and spring flows, but we were surprised to find people tromping in the slush on Lake Minnewanka in Banff this weekend.  So we joined them and had a picture shoot with our grand young’uns.
Thanks to Jim for the best of this photography!

In fact we got to keep them for two nights and share an early Easter dinner together–

–and a bus ride, and some art galleries, and some watercolor dabbling, and of course the playground..

But I think the best parts were spent around the retelling of the best story ever with the help of our homemade Resurrection Eggs, a Gospel of John video and DeYoung’s colorful The Biggest Story.

I love being a grandmom.


One generation shall praise Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts. –Ps.145:4 NASB