Rottweiler Remarks and Calf Comments

Due to the gracious negotiating skills of our local Animal Control officer, the rottie was put down. We received the welcome news this a.m. as we were finishing breakfast. And we are very grateful! Initially the owner had tried to deny culpability and asserted that she was unaware of the situtation and had been away with the dog that afternoon. So this was a very great turnaround and we give credit to God for this satisfactory resolution. We sympathize with the owner in her loss but know that this was the best solution. The dog weighed in at 180 lbs! and was a giant she could not control. He suffered from hip dysplasia so this was a mercy to him as well.

The calf is still reeling with the wounds and deep bruising. It likes best being elevated and immobile. A walker assists the old lady attached to the calf to limp about when essential. Meals and dishes are no longer essential duties! Going to the powder room is the primary essential. Gardening unfortunately is out of the question. But God is good and He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or even imagine. He is a merciful and gracious shepherd to calves and their owners! –LS

One thought on “Rottweiler Remarks and Calf Comments

  1. Hey! Waddayaknow? I really do read your blog. Just don’t write comments often.

    Sorry to read about your adventure. Those are some nasty wounds. Maybe you need to pack an air siren – not sure what they’re really called. Mom has one from when she walked. It makes a loud, high pitched sound that turns the dogs around running!

    I may write more later.


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