Drive-by Snapshots of Spring Coming and Going…

Whew! We took a week’s vacation and did a whirlwind tour-de-kids-and-grandkids…

And with it we got to fast-forward the coming of spring, leaving receding ice and the sprigs of larch just barely sprouting…

to follow the highway to the coast and to spring fully sprung!

It was glorious!

Then we headed a day’s drive North…

to visit two more grands and their parents!



Here spring was just getting started, and the blush of a new lawn sprouting was cause enough for joy!

But the weather was warm enough to drag out the water toys and to have a pretend picnic too!

Very shortly it was time to hit the road for the daytrip home via Jasper and the fabled Columbia Icefields…

I was not sorry to leave the snow and ice behind and arrive home to find our own grass had greened in our absence and grown enough to mow.  And just maybe, the next pictures I take will be of flowers on my doorstep!

Thanks for stopping by to share our trip ( :  I hope you are enjoying whatever stage of spring you find yourself in.


O sing unto the LORD a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth. Ps. 96:1 KJV


Fall Roadtrip

We returned just over a week ago from a delightful road trip.

There isn’t a better time of year for a roadtrip than the fall, and certainly no better reason than visiting family!

So with Jim’s seasonal work having fallen away we drove off for the triangle tour to visit the far-flung grands and their parents ( : and assorted aunties  ( :

And it was beautiful–the weather for traveling, the trees turning, and our favorite people to get to spend time with…

The first wobbly side of the triangle– 425 miles to Prince George

 Segment two of our wobbly-sided triangle–550 miles to Powell River

Home to our newest grand one–JAXON! who has just turned 5 months old, and has already had two hair cuts!



The weather in Powell River was stunningly unseasonable for October; we even got out for three tandem rides, including the daunting rigors of Wildwood Hill.

And it was a great treat to get to spend (Canadian) Thanksgiving with all three of our girls, and their men…


And to take a walk all together to one of my favorite destinations–well, that was just delicious soul food!


The final leg of the triangle home

This stint was the longest; 645 miles plus ferry waits, which thankfully were minimal (whew!), makes for a long day.

But it was oh so worth it!


And the hillsides were painted in fiery reds and oranges, more stunning than I recall ever seeing them!  But then again, that’s one of the perks of old age, isn’t it?–you forget things and get to experience the wonder all over again!


God has made everything beautiful in its time.

Eccl.3:11 ESV



Yellowstone Plus!

  {My goodness I’m poky with pictures… but here goes, belatedly…}  

There’s no way of visiting Yellowstone without coming away with oodles of pictures!
I will restrain myself and share just a sampling of my favorite thermal features.

Look closely at this one!  Do you see a troll with a long nose?!!

Each of these natural wonders has its own name. This one I do remember–Morning Glory pool!

And then there are the videos…[which don’t seem to be embedding today, but the links should be ‘clickable’ and they’re all quite short.
TIP: Press CNTRL key before you click on them to open in a new window and not leave this page ( :]

 When you least expect it! POW!  Off goes another geyser!

But our Road Trip was dual purpose.  We love Yellowstone and wanted to share it with the kids but we chose to make the 10 hour trip at this time because just another hour and a half of driving would put us in the region of totality for the Solar Eclipse!  And that was the crowning event of our short week!

We got up with the sunrise in hopes of beating traffic and made our way to a rendezvous point off the beaten track in small town Idaho.  Google Maps designated the spot: Paris. Population: 0. There beside a lonely grain elevator in a vast field of wheat and grasshoppers… 

…we had our own little Eclipse Party joined by a straggle of others seeking parking without the masses.
One couple had come all the way from Oklahoma like homing pigeons to this spot where they had broken down on a prior road trip!

It was an awesome event in the truest sense of the word.  The biggest disappointment is that there’s really no way of sharing the wonder. Over the hour and a quarter it took to fully eclipse the sun we kept tabs on progress with our eclipse glasses, and ate chips and dinner mints and caught grasshoppers, (and lady bugs and a caterpillar the precise color of wheat…) and kept each other posted with ‘look now!’s

We played with our strangely crisp shadows and noticed as they took on distortions…

It was a hot summer’s morning but soon there began to be some relief, and then I was grabbing my jacket. Brrr!  It was surprising how cool it actually got as the sun waned.

Finally there was just the itty bitty-est bit of bright orange visible through the glasses.  Still that dot of sun was too bright to look at with the naked eye and then !!! the view through the glasses went BLACK– not a smidgeon of light to be seen and I pulled the shades away from my eyes to behold—AHHHH (bring on an ethereal choir of voices) a black circle where the sun had been and radiating from it on all sides the glorious soft glowing of the corona.  It was not a squinting bright like sunlight in your eyes but just a glowing splendor to gaze at for the next two minutes.  The horizon glowed with a strange twilight but we all stood and milled about in deep shadow as though the world were coming to an end.  “Is it  still daytime, Grandma?”

Sadly, it is impossible to capture the grandeur of the moment  with puny lenses.  Jim did his best and gave me these. The glory just isn’t there…my apologies.

Then Chase said, “Listen, Grandma.”  A vast silence had settled over the wheat field.  Not a grasshopper stirred.  They too had taken notice as the heavens were transformed and the earth grew cold and all of us gathered in that little parking lot marveled at the glory the sun exudes even when it is hidden…


…until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, which he will display at the proper time–
he who is the blessed and only Sovereign, the King of kings and Lord of lords,
who alone has immortality, who dwells in unapproachable light, whom no one has ever seen or can see.
To him be honor and eternal dominion. Amen. I Tim.6:14-15 ESV