Fall Roadtrip

We returned just over a week ago from a delightful road trip.

There isn’t a better time of year for a roadtrip than the fall, and certainly no better reason than visiting family!

So with Jim’s seasonal work having fallen away we drove off for the triangle tour to visit the far-flung grands and their parents ( : and assorted aunties  ( :

And it was beautiful–the weather for traveling, the trees turning, and our favorite people to get to spend time with…

The first wobbly side of the triangle– 425 miles to Prince George

 Segment two of our wobbly-sided triangle–550 miles to Powell River

Home to our newest grand one–JAXON! who has just turned 5 months old, and has already had two hair cuts!



The weather in Powell River was stunningly unseasonable for October; we even got out for three tandem rides, including the daunting rigors of Wildwood Hill.

And it was a great treat to get to spend (Canadian) Thanksgiving with all three of our girls, and their men…


And to take a walk all together to one of my favorite destinations–well, that was just delicious soul food!


The final leg of the triangle home

This stint was the longest; 645 miles plus ferry waits, which thankfully were minimal (whew!), makes for a long day.

But it was oh so worth it!


And the hillsides were painted in fiery reds and oranges, more stunning than I recall ever seeing them!  But then again, that’s one of the perks of old age, isn’t it?–you forget things and get to experience the wonder all over again!


God has made everything beautiful in its time.

Eccl.3:11 ESV



4 thoughts on “Fall Roadtrip

  1. Hi Linda:
    Why are you still in miles? I thought we went metric a long time ago.
    Those grandchildren are sooooo cute.. The wild black hair is amazing.
    I’m glad you had a good trip.
    I flew to Abbotsford and visited a friend in Maple Ridge for most of a week in early October and I had only one day of rain..

    1. Ha! I’m still in miles because I’m from the good old USA and I just never quite ‘went’ metric or celsius either for that matter… It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks ( : Glad you’re getting out and about! We did have rain as we were driving out of Vancouver, seemed about right! A rainy farewell.

  2. Dear Lindy, it was so great to travel with you and Jim via pictures and narrative. Thank you for sharing! What a joy to see my precious cousins (once-removed 😉 and the growing family. The blessing is rich, dear cousin. Grace and peace and love to you.

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