On the go…

I’m posting on the go this week—returning ‘home’ from a trip to celebrate our firstborn’s firstborn’s 6th birthday.

six now6th birthday six


IMG_20150612_203526992_HDR  We’re thankful for safe and scenic travels…



We did a little sight-seeing coming and going, stopping at places we would normally just drive on by, including the site of Canada’s first national park, in Banff–


Thermal hot springs have created exotic algae beds in the stream’s current……



(OK, sorry it looks like sludge here. In real life it’s fascinating to watch as is waves in the current)

And of course the Rocky Mountain backdrop is always spectacular…


We got in some cycling time too, as we’re ramping up for a tandem rally…

The prairies have more hills than meets the eye.  And more wind!


IMG_20150616_164732380 Thirty-five mile an hour gusty cross-winds were a memorable first!


There’s so much sky here… and sunsets and clouds.  What  awesome declarations of God’s glory!

The whole earth is His studio.


P.S. And I need to add these impromptu shots, created by chance with the ladder brought in to do some picture hanging.  And picture-perfect!



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