We found a ferry

We found another ferry ride—and this one was free!

We got up early Friday morning to join the local ‘bun run’ riders.  Twenty quick miles later we arrived at a wee cable ferry that carried us across the Lake for a delightful country road pedal to the home of the best cinnamon buns in the west!

IMG_20150605_075637443IMG_20150605_075641790_HDRIMG_20150605_075739154 (It was actually a sunny day; the fog just added a mysterious ambience to the 5 minute crossing)

The giant sweet buns were hot from the oven shortly after we arrived and well worth the wait!  Sorry no photo;  it never even occurred to me to pause for a picture before helping Jim gobble ours down!


Seems we are discovering our new world via tandem these days.  We made our most difficult ascent ever to the skiing town of Rossland one hot afternoon this week.  It is a ride we won’t soon forget despite the want of photos.  It stretched me to the boiling point.  I didn’t know my face could get so red; nearly matched my new shoes.


But the ride down at 50MPH without pedaling was oh so fast and oh so thrilling.  Here we are at the top before I tucked the camera safely away!


And then a little further along when the way had levelled out…


This is a country of wild icy rivers—a sweet reprieve when the thermometer climbs into the 90’s as it has this week.



Later in the summer when the current has calmed and the water has warmed, this river will be swimmable. For now we we just wade in and it’s so cold it hurts!



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