Small Town USA Parade

There’s no place quite like small town USA on the Fourth of July

And this year we found ourselves in the middle of a parade with a host of riders from the Northwest Tandem Rally!

P1150501Canadians got to participate too…


The mayor led the charge…


along with a friendly Indian…P1150512

…and the local stagecoach.


But the winning entry was none other than the Tandem Rally folks! And now there’s a trophy for the organizers to tote through life…


Back at the rodeo grounds when all was said and done…the mute beasts wondered what was the big deal…and where did all those tents spring from?!


If you look really close, almost dead center you’ll find the tiniest tent in the field—that’s ours—and contrary to my significant doubts (and initial complaints) we both fit in it, as did the air mattress (just barely).  And sleep was not a problem–we logged 182 miles in three days of riding in the hot summer sun.  Sleep is sweetest when you’ve worked for it!


[Don’t miss the pics once the rally got underway—awesome scenery on the rides!]

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