There are poppies and there are POPPIES…

We were going away and still they hadn’t opened…P1140974

Now I’ve seen poppies bloom before…lots of red ones generally.  These are blooming in my garden now:P1140986

Some more exotic than others…P1150427

My old neighbor used to shake her head and wonder why I wanted to grow weeds.  Poppies were the undesirables back in the farm fields of Italy.

P1140982 I have always loved them…They’re so delicate, like tissue wrapping paper and every year a fresh set volunteer…

But this year an extra jumbo plant arose in the hot west-facing tomato bed and grew like Jack’s beanstalk!  I hadn’t planted it, at least not intentionally, but there it was, with the biggest buds ever, just waiting to burst.

And we had to leave on our trip before she delivered…P1140972 (sigh) I was afraid I’d miss all her blooms before we got back to see…

A wedding intervened, and a 5th birthday for Grandson #1 and 3,000 kilometers of highway (more on that next time) before we could get home again to have a look…

First thing in the morning I scampered out with my camera to see how the garden had fared.

The roses were lovely


The Cranesbill Geranium blooms profuseP1150448

But the Poppies were outrageous!P1150430P1150436P1150442

Extravagant tousle-headed beauties still blooming in profusion.

Now those are POPPIES!  I love it!


On the glorious splendor of your majesty, and on your wondrous works, I will meditate. Ps.145:5

One thought on “There are poppies and there are POPPIES…

  1. I love poppies and this was the most extravagant display I have ever seen. I didn't know that there are so many varieties.

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