All in a Day’s Drive

We rose early for the trip from the still barren prairies, back to the coast.  The snow is beaten and beginning to recede..P1100273P1100278

It’s a beautiful day for driving…


This wayside water lies so still we had to stop for  pictures…




There were few just a few other stops…


P1100305 a lot of curves,

P1100306 … a lot of miles (625 of them)

and suddenly we were on the coastal side of the range and heading down a soft spring world…Green!!!

Not a sprig of green is yet to be seen on the prairies, but here is another story…



A grand new bridge boasts 8 lanes to ease traffic remarkably and we have reached the coast!


The blossoms have begun in our absence…




But alas, tomorrow I fly to the land of igloos (not!) and sled dogs, and the land of the midnight sun…



Till then, must catch some shut-eye!


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