New Mercies

We have returned to home sweet home after many miles humming down the road in rain, shine, snow and even a spit of hail…and I’m reflecting on all the mercies that were ours along the way…
Beauty of sunshine and of pre-dawn snow…
IMG_7018 IMG_7064
Sandtrucks that appear in the rearview mirror just when the pass seems impassable, and bravely lead the way.
IMG_7077 IMG_7081
Miles and miles of safe driving and long napping (mine), and free coffee  (Thanks McD’s!) for those who must stay alert!
Feasting with family, pork-fest and turkey feast, crepes and cream–celebrating firstborn’s birthday, an early American Thanksgiving and just being together….
Being Grandmom to the one with the up-stretched arms and hug-hungry heart who says “Up” in that winsome little way.
Kindness and wisdom seen in offspring now grown…
Never being too old to fulfill a dream
A daughter-in-heart that radiates acceptance of this new family of hers and continues to cherish my firstborn son unconditionally.
And Baby-joy!
And I’m on tiptoes to see what new mercies tomorrow will bring…
…His mercies are new every morning.  Great is Thy faithfulness, O Lord…(Lam.3:23,24)
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