Our Own Nature Trail

It’s easy to overlook one’s own backyard when there are so many other options around.  But we do have nearly an acre and a half and Jim has done a ‘skookum’ job putting drainage ditches and trails in and lots of little fir trees he hopes will be Christmas trees one day… So I went back for a stroll the other afternoon…
Jim I know, that’s not me, but I was holding the camera…
Exhibit A……. what I think is called “Orange Peel Fungus”, for obvious reasons!
OrangePeel Fungus1 and for a closer look:
OrangePeel Fungus
So, when you think of Fungus, don’t just think yeast infections and athlete’s foot!  There are some pretty nifty fungi out there.
Here’s another, a frilly sort:
Shelf Fungus
A tour of our back yard would not be complete without a shot of a little fir tree.  There are 98 of these little fellows out here, and they’re not so little now as they were when Jim rescued them by hand from being mowed down at the roadside!  Each one’s been hand-plucked,  hand-planted, and hovered over by Jim’s watchful eye ( :
Fir tree
Need a rest yet?
Along the way you’ll find rustic benches crafted by Jim…
This one makes a fine get-away on a sunny afternoon. It’s at the far back of our acre in an area cleared for the planting of… what else,  little firs, and pines too.
And now we come to the ‘burn’ pile.  A willow tree is a beautiful thing but ours is old and in a great windstorm the year we moved here a giant branch came down generating a lot of wood.  This is some of the remains that never qualified for the woodstove.  It will make  a great bonfire one day!

That about wraps up today’s tour.  In closing, may I wish you Season’s Greetings! with a photo of our very own holly growing wildly out back…

2 thoughts on “Our Own Nature Trail

  1. Yes, without Jim’s services we’d be slogging out there in gum boots and bushwacking all the while. He’s done an amazing job draining and trail making…

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