Sloggin’ up Scout…

Well, the sun was shining this afternoon. No excuse not to get out. So I tromped off up Scout Mountain–

This is salal. Its stiff, waxy leaves make it a good ‘keeper’ for using in flower boquets. My old Italian neighbor and her friends used to make money on the side cutting bunches of it to sell to the florist shops in town. I’m told it is even shipped as far as Japan. Here, it is commonplace. The bush is thick with it and it can grow up to shoulder high…

This gnarly, moss encrusted fir bark caught my eye… what texture.

Louie, of course, beat me to the top. But he’s nice. He keeps checking up on me to make sure I’m following… I love this little toadstool, glowing with the afternoon sun from its spot all nestled in moss…

And here is our neighborhood. Excuse the haze… we really have very clean air…If you want to see our house, just look for the biggest willow (the yellow trees) and beside it you’ll see a blue house…. The red roof is our neighbor’s…

And of course the walk, no matter how tiring, is always worth the while for the refreshing view of things…….Here we are looking out across Malaspina Strait.

And that’s the latest news and views from my neighborhood…. No philosophizing tonight.

“How clearly the sky reveals God’s glory! How plainly it shows what He has done!
Each day anounces it to the following day… No speech or words are used, no sound is heard; yet their voice goes out to all the world!” Ps.19:1-3TEV

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