When Nature Comes In

We’ve had a cold snap here, unusually cold for us.   Snow has come and stayed for days.  Most unusual.  The routine of getting out for walks has been interrupted by sundry wonderful other opportunities that come with Christmas time… But the sweet thing is that Nature has come inside to us in the form a dainty spruce tree.  It is somewhat reminiscent of the classic "Charlie Brown tree" only ours is beautiful and we love it ( :Christmas Tree

So let me take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas, but something more than that.  I wish you a peaceful beautiful Christmas.  May there be moments when you just sit and gaze in wonder at some bit of beauty God has brought into your world…

Oh, and I did in fact get out the door for a walk too and found it therapeutic in unwinding from all the busy-ness attendant with ‘getting ready’ for Christmas.  It took a bit to begin to see the silence but here are some clips that caught my eye…

Gingerbread Snow Day 035

Gingerbread Snow Day 039

Gingerbread Snow Day 042

God bless you and yours with His peace this Christmas and into the New Year…


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