Spring Beauties

The winter whose arrival I had begrudged back in October is now history.  I captured little of its beauty on camera preferring to keep my gloves on and keep moving… But with the advent of spring sunshine I am back in business.  Here are the highlights so far.

The big moment of March was the arrival of grandbaby #8–Madelyn Grace in Powell River!  So I had a handy excuse to abandon the snow and get a sneak preview of spring’s finery.

Of course the best bit was baby cuddles and visits with our three daughters…

And spending time with the big brother!


But then there was the sea to savor…

and the picnics and the barbecues and the hikes…

By the time I was ready to fly home Magnolia blooms were dancing in spring’s freshness and I just couldn’t get enough of them!


Now I’m home…

So pleased to find that spring is on the move here too!

God’s world is so full of His beauty!

Thanks for letting me share my corner of it with you ( :


(How this did not get published until now is a mystery…but here it is belatedly…)

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