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Backing up a bit today to replay our recent move in slower motion…

1Grandad's Crocuses Easter weekend “Grandad”s Crocuses saw us off with just a small contingent of our possessions to head to Alberta and start work in hopes of also finding a place to call ‘home’.

We took the Kootenay Lake ferry to spare the heavy-laden old Toy a steep mountain pass…

2Here we Go...P11909542 Kootenay Ferry 2 Free Ferry

Yay for a free ferry!  (Too bad this idea couldn’t catch on back in Powell River.)

We spent Easter with the Calgary kids…

3Easter in Calgary3 Easter

before heading into Canmore (an hour’s drive) on Monday morning to our temporary lodging for the week…

4Canmore Hotel While Jim worked I scouted about…4Exploring

4Wait for it looking and waiting for the right doors to open in a tightly closed up housing market… We considered even just renting a residential room for the month at the tune of $1000!

…But then I saw it, on Day 2–

5 The Find!5 The Yard to be

A picture perfect suite with endless ‘yard’ space, far exceeding anything we had yet seen, and I thought of my city grandkids and how perfect this would be… and then it was only a matter of waiting to see if the property management’s vision concurred with our own!

How had this place not been snapped up sooner—we are confident God was holding it for us.  The timing of its availability was impeccable.  As we checked out of the hotel we were free to pick up keys for our new home on April 1!

All that remained was to fetch our trailer load of goods and get a moving crew ( :

Saturday was move-in day…

6 Welcome Home6 almost home


6 A place to drop the keys HOME!7 April 2

The moving crew…

7 The movers7 Cedrick7 Moving in7 The Moving Crew Time for treats and a rest…7 The Moving Crew roosting

8 Pooped!

And when all the boxes were in there was time to play the day away…8 At play8 Choo choo8 Spiderman!8Up in the air8 Dutch BlitzThe parents got time out in town while the kids and I went for a nature walk…

Elk droppings and spruce cones were the highlight!9 Nature Walk9 Nature in hand

I sent them home with pockets full (of cones!) in hopes of many nature walks to come, now that we live so near!

9Here with you at last

And Monday morning the sun came in to say ‘Good Morning’10 Morning Sunshine and we old folks shared a cup of tea before Jim went off to work in his new career as a Bicycle Mechanic in a town that thrives on bicycle use…

10 First Morning Tea April3

God has done great things for us.  Our hearts are full of wonder and joy.


“He fulfills the desire of those who fear him; he also hears their cry and saves them.” Ps.145:19

My soul makes its boast in the LORD; let the humble hear and be glad.  Oh, magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together! Ps.34:2,3

Oh, fear the LORD, you his saints, for those who fear him have no lack! Ps.34:9

2 thoughts on “Our Moving Company

  1. Sooo happy for you all! Now you can pray for a few miracles in my neck of the woods!
    Yes, it’s time to move…but what/where does the Lord have in mind. Know anyone who needs a great house?

    1. Your great house will be a fine home for someone who needs it. Rest assured. In the perfect timing. Have you offered it to Kenny and Leona? I’m really glad for you that you have come to terms with being ready to move. I suspect He has a nest in mind for you in NJ. It’s not the wilderness you’re used to but…there will be family ( :

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