What’s not to love about a flower?

New Crocs

Irresistible.  I don’t know why, but I just love flowers…

So for today—my favorite flower of the season—a dahlia.  This one peeks in at the sliding glass door all day long. And I just love it!





What’s not to love about a flower?

Thank-you God, for such lavish beauty; it make life rich.

[A new Columbine for my collection]


2 thoughts on “What’s not to love about a flower?

  1. Thank you, Linda, for infusing my morning with the glory of God's sweet floral creations! Those close ups leave me breathless, captivated by the exquisite nature and detail of His majestic creation. What a sight– especially in contrast to our "prickly" flowers. Yours are soft, lush, cozy, and their sight sinks beauty deep into the soul. Ahhhh….

    Missin' you but so thankful for your camera– and your pen which adds beauty to our worlds.

    Your appreciative desert-dwelling friend,


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