Home Again

P1140742 Home again.

[I snapped this shot in memory of “Chase Me”.  We sold her last year to a gung-ho sailor who outfitted her for racing.  She sank in this strait just a few weeks back, during a wild and windy race…  All aboard were rescued, thankfully.  But she lives on only in our happy memories…So strange still to think of her lying at the bottom of the ocean with her home made cushions and fresh new paint and sails…]

But where was I?!…. Yes!  I’m safely home again, just in time to see the wild currants bloom…P1140745

…and of course the homey dandelions too, which carry on in spite of Jim’s rigorous elimination campaign… P1140747

Then there are these tiny daisies which I introduced to the lawn for fun, and have not yet regretted…


The garden lies fallow, turned and expectantP1140761

while the early risers exult in springtime sun!


The lupine bursts forth.

And the kale runs to seed welcoming bees to my garden…


While the wallflowers do what wallflowers do best— P1140779

add beauty to the drab wall of the house!

The bushy Scouler’s willow  in the swampy outback literally hums with bees on their mission to get making honey.


Meanwhile, blushing quietly, the most beautiful of blooms begin to open on the apple tree,


while at her feet the bluebells ring.


It’s good to be home.


I will walk before the LORD in the land of the living. Ps.116:9

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