Cincinnati Scenes…

I flew to visit my sister this week…  I was greeted by temps nearing 80…


…which then plunged to winter’s chill and dropped snow overnight!


I love the old architecture in the vicinity!


We both loved this one best…


But this is home, sweet home.


Experiencing local culture necessitated a trip to: Jungle Jim’s a most quirky and colorful international market!

Everything from pig snouts and tongues to fine teas and gourmet chocolates…

IMG_20140414_200534304IMG_20140414_202517893IMG_20140414_211204426 And a very lot of exotic produce in between.

But comfort food in these parts comes from:

Skyline Chili

IMG_20140415_213048990IMG_20140415_210535914_HDR “Skyline Chili” is a secret-recipe chili of supposedly Greek origin, with an unexpected touch of cinnamon.  It’s served on spaghetti pasta topped with a mound of shredded cheese.  This is a “three-way”.
For a “four-way” you add chopped onions OR beans.  And for a “five-way” you add BOTH onions and beans.  I tried a ‘five-way’.  Tasty but not comfort food.  Apparently the taste grows on you.  Many locals love it.

And that’s what I’ve seen of Cincinnati so far…

P1140451P1140453P1140448 crop…but the best part is this:


Heather and Lindy


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