It’s the little things…

Trying out my new brainy phone this week—I downloaded a magnifier app—ideal for moms getting that fuzzy close vision.  I went to try it out on the nearest bit of print matter—a box of biscuits. 

And oh, what’s that little speck?  A bit of chocolate I presumed.  But no, it was this little lady ( :  strolling about looking at all the delicious words ( ;


So I strolled about the house and snapped shots of all the delightful little things that make me smile inside…

 for the memories…CM140304-09255305


CM140304-09271106 And the imaginings.

 See the bashful youth as he summons courage to propose to his princess…


Tiny tidbits of nature too,

CM140304-09312512 CM140304-09340203

collected long ago by curious hands…




Kept and treasured, just because…


Handmade curios …

CM140304-09363903 Dad’s rocking horse

IMG_20140304_094416547Mom’s dainty medicine pouch with the Bambi fur…

My miniature paper creations …CM140304-10015104

CM140304-09403506 and that first pair of little knit socks that I could never bear to give away…lest there never be a second pair.


Souvenirs from first travels abroad as a teen…

from the airport in Amsterdam…IMG_20140304_092120681_HDR

and a little shop in Spain…IMG_20140304_095759764

CM140304-09382405These are some of my favorite little things–of little worth to anyone but me, but to me, a delight…Sometimes, it’s the little things that bring a smile.


Have a look around you and see what your ‘little things’ are, and share a smile with me ( :

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