Waiting for worms…

Well, buds may be swelling and bursting into bloom in the house…



But that’s not quite the picture out-of-doors this week…


We thought we had come back to Home, Green Home.
But then it started snowing…
and went right on snowing for three days!

That’s unheard of here (at least in our short ten-year history) where some years may not see even an hour of snowfall in town.

But it did make for much happy snow play—for snow forts and happy snowmen at the local park


(I was the only bystander…)P1140222

And the woods are, as Frost would say, ‘lovely, dark and deep’…


The huckleberries, not yet in leaf, look like lace filigree…


All trails lead to fairyland…


And the slopes of Scout only lack daring Olympians…


The rather lovely thing about our snowy days is they are just on the edge of freezing and destined not to last, and they are warm enough to enjoy!

So on the final morning of our wintry wonderland (as predicted by the weathermen) I tromped out early to watch the sun rise to its task.P1140256

Its peachy golden warmthP1140259

made the morning irresistible,


so I walked the length of the street luxuriating in the glory of it…P1140273

Who could not love a shapely tree ‘au naturel’, dressed only in fresh-fallen snow?


But this I’d never seen before–a tree bedecked with a host of Turdus migratorius:

P1140267 Surely spring is on the wing.

Here’s living proof:


None other than the common American Robin…

P1140270 Here. Waiting for worms.

I love it!

So I’m glad to wait too..with the brave snowdrops

P1140291snowdropsP1140295 snowdrop

And the whimsical garden bunny P1140300P1130879snowshoeharenot so camouflaged as his wild Albertan counterpart  (who hides beneath our grandkids’ backstep…)

It’s not so bad to be home, waiting for worms.



Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees?
But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience…

Rom 8:24-25 ESV

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