The Heart of Winter

Every time we make this trip, I marvel how far a day’s drive can take us,
and how different the trip would have been not so many years back, in the days of wagon trains…

We’ve travelled back into the heart of winter …


P1130651P1130655P1130657snowy hillside




…but for a good cause!


We finally got to meet our newest grandson…


And it’s always time to catch-up with the rest…



I wake up earlier here (hmm… I wonder why?).

The house is louder and busier…

And the morning view from my window not what I’m used to…

(Houses, lots of houses…)


But it’s good to be plunked in the middle of this busy, happy family!


And to cherish the moments…



May you see your children’s children! Ps. 128:6 ESV

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