What’s cooler than a tandem?

It’s that time of year again, time for the fitness vacation, via tandem.

First we took in Canada Day in the big city…





Then we drove South of the border to try out some flat miles and  link up with some other tandem aficionados.

What’s more cool than riding a tandem? 
Riding a tandem in company with other tandems! 
First there were just the two of us…


Then two more joined us…P1110413a

And then, what’s this?! There were four more!

P1110411 P1110426cropA whole sweet family on a ‘quad’!

We rode, and feasted along the way, P1110420crop

and shared our enthusiasms for the beautiful miles, together.


What a wonderful way to spend a summer’s day. 
Now for the watermelon and some sleep before we hit the road again tomorrow!


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