Around the Block…

After a busy week of planning and carrying out great celebrations of our youngest ‘chirp’ graduating, it’s been good to recoup and regroup…and make myself get out in the little windows of brightness without rain and see that all is well and still beautiful in my Father’s world…





P1110309One saggy evening after a slow day of much rain and little inspiration I stepped out to walk around the block. This little bird, intent on rousing me from my malaise, kept swooping down at my back—till I turned and had a talk with him now high on his perch. He twittered back and we had a little responsive whistling going for just a bit before I went on my way, just a bit brighter than when I’d set out ( : P1110312

So, may I commend to you a walk around the block next time your day  hangs heavy?

And consider too these lyrics which brightened my morning today, sung here by GLAD:


This is my Father’s world, should my heart be ever sad? The lord is King—let the heavens ring. God reigns—let the earth be glad


A sad little end note here… no longer are my solo walks under surveillance from this window. My elderly neighbor of all these years, who moved here with her husband from Italy in the 50s and built the house next door to us, has moved away to live with family. Her house is now up for sale, complete with these ‘pinks’ that she always insisted smelled so much better than mine!


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