Heat, Blessed Heat!

It brings the garden to life.  Nasturtiums tumble over themselves in  spontaneous flaming festoons…

a palette of warm colorsP1110720

glorying in morning sun….




This variation, a peachy cream, was a surprise!P1110737P1110738

Potatoes rush to bloom…


And the zucchini is outgrowing our ability to consume it!  No sooner does one become a delicious meal of ‘Zucchini Wonder’, then another two are ready the next morning…We’ve got a backlog already and they’ve only just begun!  (If you live in the vicinity, don’t hesitate to come by and pick up a zucchini for dinner!)

[And if you don’t live nearby, please share a recipe!!!]



All because of blessed heat!  Oh, I love it, when I can shed wool socks and sweaters and leave doors and windows wide, and dare to dip in water!P1110702at Inland Lake

These gi-normous bullfrog tadpoles love it too!  And they know where to find the warmest water.  So naturally, we had a swim together yesterday in a sheltered cove on Powell Lake.


My sympathies to those of you who must endure searing steering wheels and cannot relate to heat being a blessed thing.  I was there once…  But for this season of life, I just can’t get enough of summer’s blessed heat and all the good things it brings!





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