What’s That?!

There it was glinting in the unexpected brightness of the morning sun way up atop Scout Mountain.  We were minding our own business, eating French Toast on a Sunday morning, before heading out the door to church.  But this glinting thing was suddenly there, beckoning…Could it be a bench? 

It hasn’t been so very long since I was last up Scout, has it?  I’ve never known there to be a bench at the top; we just settle down on the windswept rock usually.  But today was different.  After church we scrambled up there to find this delightful addition to a great hike:


And for a few moments we sat and reveled in this new thing—not just the bench, but the brilliant sunshine that brought it to light!!  We’d almost forgotten what sunshine was like.

up Scout

It’s remarkable the energy the sun gives, not just fueling photosynthesis, but fueling human activity.  We came down the mountain, pulled the tandem out of hiding and pedaled around the neighborhood, then headed out to the boat with new friends, to introduce them to the great ‘salt chuck’ by sailboat–


It was a splendid day for a sail—sunshine for warmth and wind for power…Wonderful to see the sun again!



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