Standing sentinel…

I haven’t been getting out much, content to mindlessly ‘pace’ on the elliptical trainer upstairs while I survey the street below… so it’s slim pickin’s picture-wise, unless we fixate on buds opening in the windowsill…This one is surely morphing into something..a lilac I believe!

P1090917twin budsP1090945lilac-to-be

But sitting here one afternoon idly looking out the front window while I chatted with Jim I spied our lone neighborhood gull looking picturesque, though out of place, on the neighbor’s roof… We have lots of crows around but only this one gull.  He’s wandered in from the ocean to join the regular flock of crows that feed on my stale bread and the quantities of left-overs I toss out as I learn (slowly) to cook for a smaller household…

lone gull

He clearly lords it over the competition here.  Perhaps that’s why he’s decided to stay.  He’d make a fine subject for a children’s picture book, about the gull who didn’t like seafood, or some such thing…Maybe we should give him a name…hmmm….gull

And such is life in the Wildwood as February runs down to its finish.


“I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts; I will look to see what he will say to me…” Hab.2:1


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