Stop and see…

We are blessed to live in such a place… was out walking (and praying) with a  few gals on the weekend marveling that living here is like living in a National Park, only without the signs and the tourists!  Any day of the year you can tromp off into the ‘bush’ with no admission fee, and wend your way down endless trails through cedar, hemlock and fir forests glowing chartreuse green with moss on all sides.P1060354darker

But walking isn’t everybody’s favorite pastime… some prefer pedaling.  And for this we have a tandem so we can share the experience and the work load ( ;  Had a happy easy ride for a change on an antique tandem given to us recently by a friend .  We’re good on this one as long as there are no hills!  (It has no functional gears)  Great for the seaside…

P1060368P1060366P1060365 (and no seaside tour is complete without a stroll on the dock and a pic of a stalwart tugboat…)


The nice thing about an easy ride is you get to stop and see the flowers…






Every week should have some easy pedaling—time to stop and behold the moment…


“…Stop and consider the wondrous works of God.” Job 37:14


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