Blooming Beauties


We took a jaunt up to ‘our’ best loved islands one sunny afternoon this week…


The slopes are abloom with ‘lemon chiffon’ flowers…


But we weren’t the only pair enjoying a get-away….

Meet the Mergansers, diving fresh-water fish ducks trying out the salt-water chuck, just back from wintering in Mexico…


Mr. Merganser…                                       and the Missus taking a look back at us…

P1060414mr merganser P1060414mrs merganser

What a hair-do she sports eh?!


And in our ramblings we were secretively surveilled by this SKINK until Jim noticed him and called me back to see what I had walked right past….


Then it was our turn to do the staring.  He refused to give us the time of day, just stood (yes, he has feet) motionless hoping we really didn’t see him as we got closer and closer with the camera lens… till we were only a couple inches from his face—then he relinquished his spot in the sun and slinked off…


I did a little reading up on this fellow later.  Glad not to have tried picking him up.  Apparently young skinks do bite and then they drop their BLUE tails to squiggle and squirm while they run for cover!  The tails grow back but usually not blue…thus this stoic camouflaged fellow—older and wiser.


But back to the blooming beauties of the place…

…a trailing blackberry(?) gets its start on a rocky ledge…


…and tiny wild things bloom underfoot, miniature bouquets for the passersby…

P1060476purple flower

…tokens of God’s glory,


…and His Love.



“We love Him because He first loved us.” (I Jn.4:19)

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