A tromp out back…


Went for a tromp out back this week, just to see if there were any signs of spring besides MUD!!!


I found the daintiest little emergings of huckleberry green and pinkery….


Instead of a host of daffodils I found these bear delicacies…

Skunk Cabbage in all its odoriferous splendour!




This old giant has had a hard life. R.I.P.


This lovely ‘stream’ forms the boundary line of our property and is actually a drainage ditch for all the run-off we’ve been having.  It’s nicely glorified by wild ferns and foliage…


And here’s a brave little  blossom about to lift her head and announce “Fresh Salmonberries on the way!”


Meanwhile an adolescent cedar comes to his end in our front yard midst bright trails of confetti, his growth spurt ended before he could reach the power lines and cause untold trouble.  He marks for us our history in this house…


And that is the latest in our ‘neck of the woods’…in this season marked by death and resurrection.

Blessings on your celebrations!


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