“I’m heading out to the boat.”

It was Friday afternoon.  School was finished for another week.  Friday’s blog was posted.  Jim came in the door announcing that there was a bit of wind and he was going for a sail… My moment of opportunity. This happens every so often.  I generally bid him farewell and ‘please don’t drown’ and stay home quite content—warm and dry in my little ‘pumpkin shell’…  But today I took a gamble on staying warm, piled on as many layers as I could creatively and comfortably handle and sallied out the door with my favorite person in the whole wide world…

Beneath sunny skies we sailed out of harbor over the glinting seas—relishing a precious opportunity to just be together.  Talking or quiet–(I often read)—it doesn’t much matter, chill breeze brushing our faces but toasty warm inside…together.


The Ragged Islands are our favorite all-time destination.  They are close at hand and always a delight.

We anchored and climbed up the bluffs to survey our peaceful kingdom…



The manzanita bushes are festooned with their delicate pink bells, calling all the bees to wake and feast. The buzzing of spring has come.

We rambled and clambered exploring a while.  We shed layers and napped in the sun’s sleepy warmth on a bluff face… till the sun began slipping into the treetops, casting shadows on our warmth and it was time to bundle up for the bracing voyage home…


The boat tucked safely in its berth, lines secured, we trudged up the hill to where we’d parked—but not without turning around a moment to watch the sun set across the water…

LundA fitting close to a beautiful day.


Hallelujahs by Chris Rice  is a fitting benediction.


All thy works shall praise thee, O LORD; and thy saints shall bless thee. Ps.145:10


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