Nature in the city…

P1040033What is a country girl to do in a city on the wide open prairies?    Cityscapes are picturesque, it’s true, and the sky is big here…skyline
But it’s the trees that I miss.  A home without a tree would be forlorn indeed!  Fortunately, just out the window is this bright angel, changing with the seasons…
…and just a little walk away I found these other bright bits of nature, even in the city.
You have to stop and look to see it sometimes, but clambering up a chain link fence was this floofy wonder—a weed, no doubt, now gone to seed!—luminous in its old age.
   Speaking of seeds… found these hanging on for a more propitious time to fall.
                 And lo and behold, what an optimistic tree, flaunting buds with winter ready to set in!
seeds                                     buds
And how about this striking beauty?!
and the radiant gold at her feet…
Maybe the city isn’t so bad with views like this…
Even the fire hydrants are kinda cute in their chic neon green with black caps and bellies…
Nature is alive and well, even in the city.
Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for the LORD hath dealt bountifully with thee. Ps.116:7

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