Summer still

Geese dabbling in the kelp mats washing up at the shore’s edge…

Tugboat passing ever so slowly a quarter mile out from shore, pulling a triplet of barges in a string to the mill close by—two of bark chips for fuel, one a lighter color–chips for making paper…

The sand is HOT.  Sun bright in a cloudless sky.  September’s peace offering—a hot finish in apology for summer’s shortness.

Me sitting in happily gathering heat (hey! my feet aren’t cold) on our old wool army blanket considering the story of my beginnings in the family of God but soon laying pen and paper aside to succumb to sweet summer heat…

But where’s my camera?!

Too much lazing today and not enough presence of mind to snap a picture of a sweet September afternoon in and out of the Strait’s refreshing waters.  Or the stop enroute home to wash off all the saltiness in our Lake’s pristine coolness.  Thank-you God for summer still.


“For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD,
as the waters cover the sea.” Hab.2:14

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