Winter Wonder

Travels took us to snowland…It sticks here! and stacks!
…and makes for scenic driving views!
The ice sculpting on the house windows indicates the temperature outside.  When the whole window’s iced in it’s at least 20 below 0.  When the ice climbs just half way up, it’s warmer, just –10.  And if the window’s clear, it might only be freezing ( :
But the best part of the travel was the beauty at trail’s end, fresh from God’s hand—
our first granddaughter…
Too many miles between us, but the trip’s well worth the reward of holding this wee one, just over 5 pounds, and ohh so soft and wonder-full!
May your winter’s finish be so full of wonder.

4 thoughts on “Winter Wonder

  1. Here's hoping this comment will "stick" like the snow on top of that storage unit! (The first melted like a desert snowfall) Your very first granddaughter radiates the Lord's warmth, light, love and perfection! She is absolutely adorable. May this sweet joy, which overflows at this moment from your heart through your pen, never cease to delight all your hearts! Our warm congratulations to the entire Skelton clan! Love you guys!

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