It’s Coming! and So are We!

Went up the old trail through the alders to see if I could spot Spring advancing.  Had a look through the camera lens at the same spot on the trail, hoping to see something different.  If anything, it all looked more drab than before (see March 9th blog)…sigh. B-o-r-i-n-g.
The color was gone from the sky and so too from the tree buds.  Not a green leaf in sight.
But just a bit further along I had to stop in my tracks and try to capture this… the huckleberries are putting out their delicate fingers,  getting ready to burst out in dainty leaf.  Every year they ‘duke it out’ with the salmonberries.  This year they’re winning.
And then one day the wood will be transformed to green, underfoot and above.  The bleeding hearts will be dangling their beauty in every protected nook.  Ferns will be fabulous.  And all manner of nameless ‘growth’ will be sporting its freshest green.  But this year we may miss it.  For we have decided to go find the Sun and the warm weather rather than wait for it to come to us!

Early next week we’re heading down the California coast and across the desert to see our old homeland–Arizona.

I’m hoping to post a travel log here as we go.  So be on the lookout!  And if you should see a funny looking gray and white “Boler” trailer heading down the highway pulled by a regal old Crown Vic, be sure to wave!
Arizona here we come!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Coming! and So are We!

  1. Yes, but Mom Ansel Adams is famous for a black and white world!

    Good luck posting a blog on your trip, take as many pictures as possible, with the ‘economy’ it might be the last time……. kmmmft. haha

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