Down by the Sea: the sequel

I didn’t get the chance to follow that trail to its end last time, as I had a car to return to. So today I jolted down to the sea by bike and picked up the trail from a different spot, following it on foot ‘backwards’ till I got to last time’s stopping spot.

Meanwhile sun and cloud played peek-a-boo. My world smelled of fir sap and cedar from fresh-cut logs
along the trail…


A stiff westerly ruffled the glinting ocean’s surface … and Louie and I had another delightful trek.


What a spot for a picnic. All that’s missing is the table–and the food! Next time I’ll bring company of the two-legged sort ( :

At this point it was time to turn back and the weather did the same. The sun vanished. The wind picked up. The ocean turned an angry gray and I heard faint pattering of drops. Long way to go, better hurry. No more pictures!

We got home only slightly wet, just ahead of the rain. Tired, chilled, and happy.

But Louie, well, he had found something aromatic to roll in along the way and had to have a bath out back, rain notwithstanding, before he was presentable. After that I really was chilled. So I had one too–but not with the garden hose!

Later, all warm and dry, I watched out the window as the sun slipping below the cloud cover to its setting
IMG_0531place in the West, cast a golden glow on the day’s close.

This is the view across the street. I love to watch the trees at this time of year. The willow turns yellow with its growing buds. The alders take on a red hue. And the evergreens supply the green backdrop.

“Be exalted, O God, above the heavens, and let your glory be over all the earth.” Ps.108:5

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