Confetti and Oranges

Today was one of those exhilirating Fall days when the sun shines and a crisp breeze keeps the rustling autumn colors in motion and trails beckon you to walk them. In fact they put out an exquisite carpet of freshly fallen leaves– golds and greens, and crimson specials… like so much confetti from a grand celebration! We have these exquisite trees here called Arbutus trees. They bear fragrant boquets of pale yellow blossoms in spring, bright waxy green leaves in summer and in the fall they bear bunches of berries in every hue from yellow to fiery red on the color wheel–an array of orange shades that even Crayola would find hard to name! I like to bring the outdoors in to cheer me all day long. So now my kitchen table hosts this sprig of arbutus that was tossed at my feet today as I strolled along a wooded hillside above the ocean to emerge at a picturesque bluff and sit on an antiquated old bench and soak up sun and wind and the exhiliration of an October afternoon!

4 thoughts on “Confetti and Oranges

  1. Good morning, Linda, I loved your writing…I could just walk on the path with you, feel the wind off the ocean and soak up the sun…and the delight of the colors…thanks for the pictures too…do birds eat the berries? or other animals? This isn’t meant to be anonymous but I couldn’t figure out my password. Judi Lynn

  2. Hi Judi Lynn ( : I don’t know about birds eating those berries. I think it unlikely. They are actually a special occurrence as the arbutus don’t bloom every year so this was a treat to see ( : As for commenting, just choose the Name/URL box instead. The URL is optional…Thanks for your note.

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