Lazing at Little Sliammon Lake…

Took a hike out to Little Sliammon Lake with a friend yesterday. She sent me these pictures with a note that Louie sure is photogenic…Hmmm, I had to wonder what implications that had for me, and maybe I shouldn’t include this other photo featuring me about to dip my feet in and fish for tadpoles…
This lake has seen some dandy improvements since I was last here with my camera. The logging in the area opened up road access which in turn made it easier to bring in a few tools so the local B.O.M.B. Squad (a group of volunteers that keeps our trails operational) came out and erected a great plank picnic table with sheltering roof, a cute biffy with cedar shakes from nearby trees and a beautiful oak toilet seat, and best of all, a little dock that lets you get out of the froggy muck at lake’s edge and dangle your feet in the calm warm water and feel the sun on your back…. One day I’ll come out for a swim–when I’m sure the tadpoles have graduated to froghood. Which reminds me, have you seen the whopping big tadpoles we have here? Their bellies are the size of a walnut and they’re on average at least 4 inches long. They’re huge. One can only hope they don’t eat toes!

But here I am sitting at the computer when I could be out feeling that sun on my face and having another lazy summer day. Must run!


3 thoughts on “Lazing at Little Sliammon Lake…

  1. Good morning Linda.
    As usual,I love to read about your wonderful adventures.
    I envy you somwhat,being able to wander the beautiful landscape we live in , and seek all the adventures you do, Thank you for sharing with us.
    Your deliciou desriptions of where you were is delightful , and makes for such fun reading.
    I guess I paint pictures of where I can not go,but nothing tops the way you do it.
    Thank you for sharing Gods gifts ,so freely.

  2. Linda,
    Thanks for the beautiful word pictures and photographs. Having a little insight into your world makes it feel as if you are not so far away.
    With you – somewhere in the Master’s hands,

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