There are signs that the cycle of seasons has not gotten lost in a fog but is on its way. I found this little wonder near my herb garden bed poking through the half frozen topsoil in all its glory.
IMG_0487 Thanks Nola!

My snowdrops are celebrating the lengthening days too!
The sun lured me out today to hike up Scout. It was a bit of a trick because it was quite cold and windy despite the sun’s brilliant invitation.
Along the way I spied the year’s first dandelion! It grows here predictably each Spring, the first of its kind, in the protection of the roadside drainage ditch. Not a glamorous spot or a particularly glamorous sight but a bright spot nonetheless. Blooming where it’s planted.
There’s not much new along this familiar trail today, but change is just around the corner! The buds are swelling lending a reddish cast to the alders’ branches. The sun is still bright in this wood, for now. This will soon be a very shady path. I’ve taken this photo in hopes of following spring’s progress here with my camera…
On the final ascent to the top of our little ‘Scout’ I found winter still hanging on. No wonder I was so cold!– it’s freezing up here still. Will these be the season’s last icicles?
Today wasn’t one for long meditations on the mountain… too shivery. Rather than retrace my steps I went down the other side of the mountain. Coming down a small ravine I was delighted with this contrast– a wall of dancing ferns above and beside me.
They had caught the afternoon sun and put it to good use.
Hard and cold as ice or dancing in carefree abandon– I guess it’s all a matter of where you stand in relation to the Sun.
If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with each other and the blood of Jesus washes us clean from all our sin…
“God is light, pure light. There’s not a trace of darkness in Him.”
I John 1:5 The Message
Wishing you the joy of His presence in your days…