Leaving again…

P3230326Once again we stand on deck watching Powell River recede from view…

P3230327 I suppose one of these times will be our last leave-taking from our home here…

P3230329 P3230333

This inconvenient, though beautiful, travel will become a rare event…



Perhaps next time we will leave with a proper moving van…P3230340


We make our crossing as the sun rises…


By nightfall we are half-way ‘home’…and reminded of the Providence and protection of our good Lord.  Stopping to take a picture above the twinkling lights of Osoyoos we discover a headlight out!

It’s quick, easy and convenient to change it here before night falls.  Thank-you Lord.


We are in Good Hands.


I will fear no evil for you are with me…Ps.23;4

Ferry Life…

We had a quick trip over to Vancouver Island this weekend to catch up with our daughter.

Didn’t seem noteworthy in pictures. We are so used to taking ferries whenever we go anywhere… P1140327

Then again, maybe our ‘normal’ is not your normal, so I snapped a few pictures…


Dock upgrades and changes to ferry schedules and routing  have been BIG small town news of late.  But everything is now returned to order on our routes…well, almost everything.  This ferry is ‘out of place’ on this route actually.  But there are new ‘dolphins’, new ramps, wider lanes for loading and off-loading and… well, you get the idea.  Big small town news.


After a beautiful hour and a half of sunny sailing (spent out on the deck dozing in the sunshine)

we’re almost home!P1140339P1140341

Time to return to our vehicle for off-loading.P1140345


And that’s it.  Our ‘normal’ mode of travel.  Try it, you’ll like it—well, except for the price tag.  Such is ferry life…



P1050304Took leave of my birthday flowers for the weekend…
No, we didn’t stay at the Empress, but it was fun to stroll through the lobby.
… and to wander through the halls and stairwells of the Legislative Assembly Bldg. in downtown Victoria…
P1050333                                                     P1050335

Too picturesque to miss—a fine scene of a lowly seagull…
P1050369 Just for fun!

P1050390 And off to the mainland to Missions Fest weekend on a ferry we’d never tried—the Coastal Renaissance… with a capacity of 1,650 passengers and 370 vehicles.  We felt a little lost.
And now we’re ‘home again, home again’ to our quiet little world.