All this beauty right under our noses…

Well it’s just a little crazy that summer 2017 is history! But it has been a fabulously warm one here for us with deliciously record-breaking heat just perfect for somebodies that find themselves a little too far north for real comfort.

This morning drizzle turned to snow for a bit, so I think we can safely suppose that any brave flowers still out there won’t last long.  The elk have yet to come for the ones on my porch but this year I’m hoping they’ll come by and turn their fading remains into elk-fuel to spare me having to uproot them myself.

But before I lose the chance I wanted to post some pics from the Cascade Gardens in Banff.  We pedal to and from Banff quite often but have not slowed enough to notice all this beauty right under our noses. These gorgeous gardens are tucked around the Parks Canada Administrative Building, which is itself an impressive sight!  They made for a delightful end-of-day stroll.

And with these I bid summer 2017 farewell!


The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever. Is.40:8

2 thoughts on “All this beauty right under our noses…

  1. Thank you Linda for the photos. I completely forgot to go there this summer. The flowers are just terrific. I’ll have to diary to go next summer as I do love the place and my memory is not always up to snuff.

    1. This was our first time there and how many times have we passed it right by unknowingly?!….It was just lovely, a beautiful respite from the busyness of Banff. I hope to spend more time there next year! These photos were taken at the end of August.

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