Getting ready

We got a foreshadowing of winter this week, with mostly freezing temperatures and a thin blanket of snow that has only today melted completely.  So the snow tires are now on the van.  And our tandem rides are numbered, if not done for the season.

Even with thick lobster gloves (two fingers and a thumb) and all sorts of extra layers it’s still cold for riding!



The grass peeking through looks like day-old stubble— It’s time to shave!


These grasses look so much more graceful with a snowy backdrop…

And every last bit of color shines!


The larch trees are stunning!



And I love this  fiery  little aspen:


and the color-coordinated lichen!


But alas the tall trio of aspens I’ve been watching out the window are stark naked now:


And yet, beautiful.


We celebrated a quiet thanksgiving this week and are grateful for our cozy home– among multitudinous other greater blessings—God’s nearness, God’s forgiveness, and the hope that knowing Him brings to every day no matter the season!

IMG_20161012_155147590 IMG_20161012_154540712

And when he had thus spoken, he took bread, and gave thanks to God in presence of them all: and when he had broken it, he began to eat…. Acts 27:35 KJV


Oh Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever!  I Chr. 16:34

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